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Recent News - 1/6/2015

The last few months have been full of great projects!

Ed mastered:
Eddie Vedder /Pearl Jam – "Imagine b/w Pendulumorphosis"
Mama Sweet – "21 echo" Engineered by Johnny Sangster
Victoria Vox – "When The Night Unravels" Engineered by Geoff Stanfield
My Goodness – "Shiver & Shake" Engineered by Shawn Simmons
Stacy Jones – "Whiskey Wine and Water" Engineered by Tom Hall
Carly Dow – "Ingrained" Engineered by John Paul Peters
Explone – "Suicide Fences" Engineered by Shawn Simmons
The Mailman's Children – "The Spiders We Eat" Engineered by John Paul Peters

Rick mastered:
The Washover Fans – "Just Like Time" Engineered by Michael Connolly
The Lowest Pair – "The Sacred Heart Sessions" – Engineered by Tom Fabjance
Doug Balmain – "Burnin' Both Ends" – Engineered by Rob Stroupe
Victor Janusz Band – "Living In A Blue State"
Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners – "Washington Hall Stomp" – Engineered by David Lange
Buckets of Rain – "TBA" Engineered by Jason Shavey
JP Hennessy – "JP Hennessy"
Down The Lees – "Wear Me Out"

Floyd mastered:
The Grace Love Band – "Fire"
Val D'Alessio – "The Sunny Side" Engineered by Alicia Healy
Tad Britton – TBA
The Bitter Roots – "Noise Vibrations and Fumes" Engineered by Floyd Reitsma

Rachel mastered:
Ghost Tribe Fires – "The Black Album"
JD LeChamp – "Down The Road" Engineered by David Caron
Mouths of Babes – "Faith & Fumes" Engineered by Michael Connolly
The Gothard Sisters – "Christmas Live In Seattle 2012
Joseph Rojo – "All Is Bright"
The Coats – "Highway 1" Engineered by Jay Kenny and Bill Gibson
The Broken Thumbs – "Little Things"
Fey Moth / VOX MOD – "Retrolight"

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